Sexual health is an integral part of the health of every person, contributing to the fact that he enjoys life and feels confident in himself. In particular, men attach great importance to their sexual health, which is logical: after all, it is they who bear the main responsibility for the successful completion of sexual intercourse. The portrait of an ideal man as seen by both women and himself is career success, energy, strength of muscles and character, active sexual behavior. However, this rosy picture often begins to change, not for the better, even when a man is still far from old age. Quite often male sexual health suffers due to a variety of factors, such as environmental pollution, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, concomitant somatic diseases, psychological problems, including negative experiences with the opposite sex, and so on.

There is a direct link between the violation of the sexual health of men and the general health of their body. Compared to women, men are more difficult to tolerate high blood pressure, they often eat improperly, with a predominance of fatty, salty and fried foods. They abuse alcohol and tobacco more often, their work is more often associated with overstrain, stress and the pursuit of career growth. Irregular sex life and frequent change of partners also have a detrimental effect on the male body. In addition, the representatives of the stronger sex don't like to go to doctors and complain about their health, making even innocent ailments such as gastritis or allergies get worse, not to mention the unwillingness to share such delicate problems with specialists as violations in the sexual sphere.

To maintain sexual health, every man can adhere to a number of elementary recommendations. It seems that they are simple and understandable to everyone, but in fact, few people follow them. Meanwhile, in the absence of serious psychological or physiological disorders, paying attention to these points, almost every man can improve his sexual health. First of all, it is necessary to pay due attention to physical activity: play sports, walk more, generally move as often as possible during the day. The intensity of blood circulation and metabolism depends on motor activity. The contractions of the pelvic muscles helps to avoid congestion in the prostate gland and, in general, has a positive effect on the male genitourinary system. Next, it is needed to review your diet. A balanced diet ensures the normal functioning of all organs. Together with healthy food, a man receives building material for sex hormones. For the normal functioning of the urinary system, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of fluid. According to WHO recommendations, it is at least 1.5 liters of pure water per day.

When symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, memory impairment, pressure surges, sweating, apathy appear, it is advisable to check the testosterone level. This can be done during a visit to an urologist or endocrinologist.

Finally, it is very important to stop smoking. Every time you puff on another cigarette, remember that nicotine spasms the blood vessels, not only impairing the nutrition of vital organs, but also reducing the blood supply to the penis.

The importance of regular sex with a partner you trust should not be underestimated. At the same time, for each man, the concept of the norm in sex is strictly individual. It is advisable to observe a certain frequency of intimate relationships that is right for you. Setting records is useless, but long breaks will definitely bring no benefits.

The most common disease of the male sexual sphere, which the representatives of the stronger sex have to deal with, is erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, often despite following the advice listed above, a man fails to restore his potency to the level at which he will again feel confident and comfortable in relations with a partner. In such cases, the achievements of modern medicine come to the rescue, the main of which is oral PDE-5 inhibitors. They contribute to the onset of a strong and prolonged erection, while not affecting libido and not being aphrodisiacs, but simply increasing blood flow to the penis due to the expansion of blood vessels in it. Of these drugs, Cialis with the active ingredient Tadalafil, as well as its numerous generics, is best tolerated.

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