“It would make an already difficult situation positively dire if we don’t ensure funding stays in place. I hear from so many people – men, women, younger, older, and across all sexual orientations and identifications, who are crying out for information and support. We simply can’t go backwards!”

Dr Pam Spurr, sex and relationship expert and columnist with the Sun newspaper online, iVillage UK, and MSN UK

“I am truly sorry about funding cuts and restrictions. The work done by the XES campaign is so important. I still get lots of letters to my column in You in the Mail on Sunday from young people in their  late teens and early twenties. They are taking risks with their sexual health and potential pregnancy because they often don’t use contraception so there is always a big education job to be done.”

Zelda West Meads, Agony Aunt, the Mail on Sunday

“We can forget what it was like in the bad old days – when you had to be married to get legal contraception and when abortion was a crime. I remember all too well that climate of fear and powerlessness.

“Sexual health services have developed hugely from that time. We now have the power to take responsibility for our fertility, our health and our family planning.

“But as an agony aunt I am horrified by the letters I receive from readers, letters which complain of restricted sexual health services, letters which suggest we may be on the brink of moving back in time to a restricted era.

“So I’m delighted at the new XES – We Can’t Go Backwards campaign. With the force of the FPA and Brook together – and with the energy of concerned individuals nationwide – we can surely halt any slide back in time. We must make sure that our essential sexual health services remain strong, resourced and supportive of all men and women throughout the country.”

Susan Quilliam, agony aunt, author of The New Joy of Sex

“This is a much-needed campaign that deserves full support and attention from us all. We are about to lose everything we have fought so hard for! I urge everyone to add their support to stop the undermining of sexual health rights which should be freely and readily available to all.”

Tracey Cox

“Contraceptive choice is a woman’s right and, with many sexual health and contraception services closing or operating under reduced opening times, it’s no surprise women everywhere are finding themselves stumped when it comes to their contraceptive options.”

Glamour magazine – read the full article online

“I helped the cause for opening up of contraception services for students when that was highly controversial way back in 1967! So we can’t go back!”

Baroness Young of Old Scone

“The UK is currently blessed with phenomenally good sexual health services. The whole concept of freely available anonymous sexual health clinics is eyed jealously from countries such as France and Germany. However, despite all that, sexual health issues remain a critical issue in UK society.

“Testing and treatment services are only as good as the number of people they can reach out to. To do that effectively, they need appropriate resources. DrEd backs 100% the XES – We Can’t Go Backwards campaign, and totally supports the objective of preventing cuts to sexual health services”

Amit Khutti, founder,



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